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Red Bellied Brown Snake

A medium-sized snake, with a moderate to robust build and head barely distinct from the neck. Dorsal head and body colour is uniform black, except for the snout which is often pale brown. The lowest lateral scale rows and the outer edge of the ventral scales are bright crimson, fading to duller red, orange or pink in the middle of the belly. In the north of the range the ventral colour may be greyish-pink to white. The underside of the tail is black. Body scales are smooth and glossy. Eyes are medium size and shadowed by an obvious brow-ridge. The iris is very dark, and the pupil is round. (Except for the snout which is often pale Brown) that would be for Queensland and eastern states South Australia locals are generally all black with no pale snout. Note they a well known for there jet black body scales and red ventral scales. These snakes generally average 1m to 1.5 m but can grow up to 2.5m

Eastern Brown Snake

A medium sized snake, with a slender to moderate build and a smallish head barely distinct from the neck. Body colour may be almost any shade of brown, ranging from near black to light tan, chestnut or burnt-orange. The head colour of dark individuals may be slightly paler than the rest of the body, but otherwise the dorsal colour is fairly uniform (a very few scattered dark scales may be present). Hatchlings have a prominent dark patch on the top of the head and across the nape, and some hatchlings also have dark bands down the entire length of the body. These markings fade as they mature, however in some populations the bands are retained into adulthood. Ventral surface is cream, yellow or orange, and blotched with pinkish-orange, brown or grey. Body scales are smooth and slightly glossy. Eyes are medium size and shadowed by an obvious brow-ridge. The iris is usually orange thickly rimmed with black, and the pupil is round.

(some hatchlings also have dark bands down the entire length of the body) this is the ringed brown snake not eastern brown as for the markings on their head they fade after about 12 months.

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Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake

Juvenile eastern brown carry more neuro toxic components in their venom making them highly venomous hatchlings have two distinctive black patches on the top of their head and back of their neck these markings generally fade within 1 too 2 years of age. 

Pygmy Copperhead Snake

The pygmy copperhead is found throughout the Adelaide Hills The body is olive grey to black in colour with a dark brown head the edges of the upper lip scales are paler and very a prominent feature of this species there a very small snake average size is about half a metre too .8 of a metres.

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Whip Snake!

In South Australia we have three species of whip snakes in the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide plains region we have what we called the little whip which is very similar to a juvenile eastern brown only one black patch on the head rather than the black band on the neck

Tiger Snake

The common name refers to the prominent yellow and black cross-bands typical of some populations of tiger snakes, however not all have this pattern. The most commonly seen form is dark olive brown to blackish-brown, with off-white to yellowish cross-bands that can vary in thickness. Entirely patternless individuals may occur in banded populations, and these types range in colour from yellowish-brown to black. Some populations consist of almost entirely unbanded individuals, e.g. those of the central highlands and southwest of Tasmania. Melanism (dark body colouration) is most strongly developed in populations exposed to highly variable weather conditions and cool extremes, such as those experienced at higher altitudes or on offshore islands. The dark colouration is an adaptation that allows those snakes to absorb heat at a faster rate during the short growing season.

The head is moderately wide and deep and only slightly distinct from the robust, muscular body. The neck and upper body can be flattened to a considerable degree when performing a threat display, exposing the black skin between the relatively large, semi-glossy scales.

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